Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bryan Keller's fantasy art

I have long talked of organizing a Bryan Keller convention with all of us Bryan Kellers (or Brian Kellers, I suppose) coming together for a boozy weekend at some hotel near an airport. Everyone thinks it's a ridiculous idea, but wouldn't it be freaky to get together a bunch of people with the same name? You could order pre-printed nametags in advance!

Anyway, I was doing a 123 People search for Bryan Kellers and guess what I came up with? Fantasy artist Bryan Keller! I like his style:He has loads of weird paintings online, including this poignant and tasteful tribute to the victims of 9/11:


Chris said...

I am most fortunate to have found a friend in Bryan Keller. His wonderful talent and ability to create visions of the mind is most remarkable. I have yet to see Bryan fail to create any vision given to him or any that have come to his mind. Bryan has inspired me to spread my wings and try new things. His work has dared me to dream and his friendship has given me encouragment and challenged me to keep drawing.

Frances said...

Holy Cow Bryan, I had no idea that was you leaving those comments on Tom's blog. Good for you. Often, I can't comment because I don't know a lot of the names being dropped. I had to google Mehlman before I realized who he was.

Are you still in NY? I hope you're doing well--shoot me an e-mail if you can, I'd love to hear from you (it's on the profile of my blog).