Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Green is stupid!"

I just realized what drives Republicans in their inconsistent, incoherent policy positions. Remember when you were in grade school and you really hated this other kid? Hated him in a way that only, say, a 2nd grader can. You hated this kid so much that everything thing that he said, did or liked filled you with rage. This kid liked to wear green. It was sort of his "thing". So you hated green with a passion. "Green is the stupidist color," you'd say. "Only retards wear green. I hate green." And you really believed that, objectively, green is a stupider color than red, yellow, blue, brown, etc. You couldn't understand how anyone could possibly like green because it is so obviously horrible.

Now think Fox News and the "tea baggers" and "birthers" and the like. Universal Health Care? That's stupid! It's socialism! How could anyone support that? Democrats proposed it. Cash for Clunkers? Oh, you mean "stimulus". Only "Obots" like that and they're stupid! Stupid, stupid Obots! The strategic use of soft power as a more effective deterrent to anti-American propaganda and the proliferation of asymmetrical threats? Huh? Oh, Democrats support that? Then that's stupid! STUPID!

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