Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cute overload

From Vanity Fair, an evisceration of our "cute culture":

"Cootchie-coo behavior used to be reserved for private moments in the home. But now, with the Internet’s help, people feel free to wallow in cuteness en masse, in the company of strangers. The serious political blog Daily Kos, for instance, is awash in cute pictures of kittens and panda bears. The Web site Cute Overload, which gets 100,000 visits a day, is all photographs and videos of puppies (“puppehs” in the site’s own particular argot), kittens (“kittehs”), and baby rabbits (“bun-buns”), who are said to go nom-nom-nom as they munch their little meals."

As someone who has a random kitten gadget in my iGoogle home page and an entire tab dedicated to pictures of dogs, I am certainly guilty of "cootchie-coo behavior". But they're soooooo cuuuuuuute....

Addicted to Cute

Cute Overload

Cute Things Falling Asleep

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