Thursday, August 28, 2008

New York Film Academy - WTF?

So the second floor of the building where I'm working is the home of the New York Film Academy. You've seen their ads. You've wondered, what kind of fly-by-night technical college scam is this? Having had the misfortune of having to ride the elevator with its victims for the past four weeks, I think I have an idea.

Full disclosure: I went to NYU Film School, which has always been a bullshit school inside a real university. NYFA is a bullshit school inside an office building. Film school is where you go if you want to waste your higher education smoking cigarettes and traipsing around in weird clothing (I know that's why I did it). When I did it, though, film school was also essentially an expensive film equipment rental facility, so it kind of made sense if you wanted to actually, you know, make movies. But in the age of YouTube, iMovie and the $650 HD camcorder, why does anyone pay for this? These days you can buy better equipment than we used for less than we spent on rentals. Ultimately, I guess NYFA is a place to park your spoiled kid who couldn't get into SVA, Parsons, Pratt, Baruch, Hunter or anywhere else for that matter.

For tearaway rich kids who misspent their high school years getting tattoos and shopping and running away to Europe, it's a logical step in a privileged, wasted life.

It's actually kind of a brilliant business idea. Charge rich parents lots of money to teach their good for nothing kids something that every 14 year old with a computer already knows how to do. It's like rehab but without all that expensive drug intervention staffing.

I think I'm going to start the New York Blogging Academy. Cha-ching!


jsr said...

stumbled upon this post. like your writing style.cheers.

NS said...

We would love to get your permission to republish this story on our blog:

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abed said...

jealous cuz you cant afford it, what kind of unprofessional review is this, im not rich and took the 1 year film-making which happened to help out a lot

Melissa Ximena said...

he's not jealous. majority of teachers are legit- a lot of the students are not as legit. also, he's talking about the acting school not the film making. and honestly, if you want a stronger film background- go to a university where a portfolio is required to enter the program to ensure the quality attention. = )

Melissa Ximena said...

also, he went to NYU which is far more expensive than NYFA.

Melissa Ximena said...

also, he went to nyu which is far more expensive than nyfa.