Monday, October 6, 2008

No I don't need a receipt, thanks

Okay, at what point did it become mandatory to get a receipt for every single thing we buy? Pack of gum? That'll be 65 cents. Thanks and here's your receipt. But why would I need a receipt for this? Am I going to return the gum if it doesn't fit? Will I put this in my "gum and candy" file for next year's taxes? Am I keeping a record this year of all my chewing-related expenses? No. There is no conceivable reason I would need a receipt for a pack of gum, and you really don't need to waste the paper printing it out. Oh I see you are going to print it anyway. Oh and you are putting it under my change so that if I want my goddam 35 cents back I must take the receipt. Shall I be passive-aggressive and leave the receipt here on the counter for you to throw away? Then I would just feel shitty.

Okay, you win. Thanks for the change and the receipt. Now I just want to litter.


Iatromante said...

A waste of paper indeed! Maybe it happens more in the US but even here frequently am confronted with such absurdity. I wonder if these clercks receive special instructions and are forced to force receipt on us, for what reason ¿!

Nic Fit said...

I think you're right. The clerks are told, "give everyone a receipt, no exceptions!" Doubtlessly some lawyers told the owners to just give everyone a receipt. It's safer that way. Or something. Annoying.