Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jamie Kennedy's "Heckler"

I just caught this documentary of sorts on Showtime OnDemand. The movie follows Kennedy ("Malibu's Most Wanted" and "Son of the Mask") around as he confronts comedy club hecklers, film critics and creepy blogger types about why they hate him so much.

I like Jamie Kennedy. I think that Malibu's Most Wanted was one of the best throw away comedies of this decade (along with "Soul Plane"). What bugs me about "Heckler" is his clueless perspective on contemporary media culture. Essentially Kennedy and the wide swath of famous and semi-famous people he interviews want it both ways. They want to throw themselves in the spotlight, get handsomely paid and not be subject to any criticism or scrutiny other than that which is "constructive" (whatever that means).

Kennedy compares the internet to "the bathroom wall" and anonymous bloggers (hello!1!!) are described as the cliche 38 year old virgin in his mom's basement. It always amuses me how much celebrities hate the internet. Things must have been much nicer for them when they could just put out whatever crap they wanted and they only feedback they had to endure was from the Newspaper Establishment. The celebrities in the movie seem to feel truly betrayed by the existence of blogs and independent websites. They seem to be offended that no one asked them before putting up this whole internet thing, and there is an undercurrent throughout that something should be done about all of this.

It's interesting that modern comedians, people whose livelihoods are largely dependent on the free speech triumphs of people like Lenny Bruce are so angry and suspicious of everyone else enjoying those same rights.

So Jamie Kennedy, you seem like a nice guy, we actually have the same birthday, and you definitely are funny, but, like fuck you.

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