Thursday, May 7, 2009

But what does Sasha Grey mean?

Sasha Grey, the porn star with a brain, is now on everyone's radar. The frequently cited example of her voracious intellectual appetite is this Public Service Announcement on eating sperm. Heady stuff (zing!) She has now stepped up one rung, doing a star turn in Steven Soderbergh's latest docu-movie/whatever "The Girlfriend Experience" where she actually does some acting...she plays a hooker! But not your average it'll-be-four-hundred-for-the-hour hooker. No this one pretends to be your girlfriend for like a day. This means you get to make eggs for her and read the paper with her in the morning (like anyone still does that).

All of it sounds like Soderbergh indulging some kinky well-off middle age dude fantasy. Interviews with him have come off as rather creepy as well: his point is basically, hey, porn is totally normal now, prostitution should be legal, and the casting couch on this movie was awesome! Well, not the last part, but you half expect him to say, "as a man in my late 40s who repeatedly beats off to this 21 year old's videos, I thought, she should totally be in my movie."

So now our little vixen is a real-life actress. Sure she's still playing a prostitute of sorts, but the way this culture works, she'll soon be playing a young Hillary Clinton, or at least Monica Lewinsky.

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