Friday, October 23, 2009

New super retarded GOP site cost $1.4 million

Haha that new Republican website where Michael Steele walks onto your computer screen set the GOP back $1.4 million.

via Gawker:

"How much does it cost to host a site for six months that is visited almost exclusively by stoned Wonkette readers who just want to see Steele walk onto their computer again? It costs $1,039,155. The Democratic National Committee, on the other hand, which gets roughly the same amount of traffic as on its site, spent $203,000 on hosting during the same period."


bondwooley said...

Ever wonder who is coaching Michael Steele?


Pam Carter said...

Hey, psssst, buddy! I gotta real steal for ya!

They probably had a former intern build and host it. Or maybe, they're finally gonna pay me the money they've owed me since Nixon was President!