Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why is Joe's Bar closed?

Joe's Bar, the legendarily trashy/tacky/scary place on 6th Street between A & B has been shuttered since last weekend. This is the place that would force the bartenders to stay open till 4am on a Sunday night, just in case someone might stagger in.

I got into a conversation with the owner, an older woman with considerable disgust for pretty much everything, one misguided, drunk morning. I told her to try to look on the bright side but she wasn't having it. I'm a little worried for her, but the folks over at EV Grieve say that some neighbors told them it was some sort of paperwork glitch with the state. Let's hope so.

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Pam Carter said...

They either used my (or someone else's) Tax ID # unwittingly or they're one of the adoptees that recently got their REAL original birth certificates and they found out they were on someone else's identity their whole lives without knowing it. Its been going on all over NY and NJ! (This is HALF-jokingly in all seriousness these folks have been having problems becausse of identity confusion and vigged property and bar purchases. Someone may have sold her someone else's Tax ID# without warning her they didn't have the authority to use it or apply for liquor licensing. Or someone died.