Friday, June 27, 2008

Pilates kicked my ass

I took a Pilates class at Sixth Street Pilates. I feel older than Grampa McCain. Good stuff though. Lots of layabouts like me young and old doing this sort of medical/scientific yoga. I like it better than yoga because you don't have all the pseudo spirituality crap that you get in American yoga. In India yoga is exercise. People don't go to their exercise class to gain higher consciousness. They go there to stretch and work out. Yoga classes in America are too long and waste too much time on visualizations and relaxation and all that. In Pilates class you show up, you exercise, you leave. I think I will go back.

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iatromante said...

I never tried it but I'm strongly attracted by pilates as well, for identical and additional reasons ;)
I think after a while one can do a lot of these execise at home.
I'm also attracted by pirates.