Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to New York, Dusty

So we came back from a week in Fire Island with an extra piece of luggage containing a five month old kitten. "Dusty" they call him. He had been abandoned by some people, which seems to be, um, bad karma.

He's the cutest little monster in the world. Reminds me of good old Hank. So far so good.

Too many choices though! Should I go for the non-hormone, flax seed fortified kitten food? What about the litter? Is flushing the "flushable" litter really bad for the environment? I kind of don't want the answer to that question because like seriously who wants cat litter in their garbage all the time?

Went down to the little pet shop on 7th Street and Avenue A (the one with the big white cat they call Pretty Boy). Mikey (?) the owner was really nice and helpful, steering me to the appropriate kitty litter (Yesterday's News - oh, I get it, like recycled paper).

I had been tempted to this the PetCo or PetSmart or whatever it is up on 17th Street, then to just order everything online, but the prices are pretty low over on 7th Street, it's around the corner, and to my surprise it much easier to just ask someone who knows something than to wade through search results and spend lots of time balancing the conflicting answers you get.

All in all, life is good. Kittens are a lot of work though.

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