Friday, September 26, 2008

The growing movement to make the rich pay for this mess

I know, I know, this is urgent! Something has to be done now to save the economy! Happily, nothing ever happens now in Washington, which is giving the brewing class war time to boil.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I know, at times irritating and ineffectual) actually has a brilliant grass-roots campaign to raise taxes on rich people to pay for the banking crisis.

He has posted this in the form of an online petition addressed to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, which is silly because only Congress can raise taxes, but I think you will be seeing something like this happening sooner or later.

Traditional Main Street Republicans are the maddest people of all over this. Finally, they are realizing that the true elitists in this country are Wall Street insiders and their political flacks, not people with liberal arts degrees. And they are mad as hell that they are being asked to pay for the super rich to keep their pools heated, while they can't afford gas, prescription drugs or mortgage payments.

Even if Congress pushes through some massive bill too quickly that ends up costing more money than it should (a likely scenario), the call for the top 1% who have had such a wonderful financial run for the last eight years to take the hit will not recede. This chorus will only grow louder and louder as people demand their money back and hopefully their country back too.

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