Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You lie, Hockey Mom, you lie!

I am starting the think that this Sarah Palin lady is kinda crazy. Granted, crazy is the Republicans' stock and trade, but seriously what kind of nutjob accepts the veep nomination and a couple of days later goes, "Btw, my 15 year old is pregnant. Totes not a problem, right? See you at the convention!"

Now we get the outrageous lying about her position on the bridge to nowhere and her charging the state of Alaska $50 a day to live at home while governor, both of which decimate the entire theme of the McCain campaign, and what have you got left? The poignant, People-Mag-ready, hockey-mom-raises-a-Down-syndrome-baby weepfest. Is this enough to sway an election? For the Republicans, sure. For the general electorate...doubtful.

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