Thursday, September 25, 2008

Something funny happened on the way to the global financial meltdown

So we are now in the throes of the final fuck you by Bush and Co. to the American people and the world. After destroying just about everything we used to associate with the United States, everyone thought they would go out with a literal bang in Iran or Russia or somewhere. But they had a smarter, more demonic plan: why not just blow up the economy?

You see, this way they can cry "crisis!" (like they did with Iraq) and the American people will hand over all their money to the Executive Branch and their rich friends.

Or will they?

People in this country support some really stupid ideas (laws against abortion, the drinking age, Sarah Palin), but when it hits their wallets they draw the line. As someone famous once said, "it's the economy, stupid."

So finally we have people on main street actually thinking and coming to the conclusion that it may not be a good idea for every American to donate money to the New York Rich Guys' Mansion Fund.

Bush and Co. have been remarkably successful correctly estimating the level of stupidity in this country so far. This time, it looks like they misfired. Because if there is one thing people in this country care about more than gays, guns and God, it's money.


Anonymous said...

Bush and Chicken Little!

Iatromante said...

Seams like the Psychedelic Furs were correct (and ahead of times) maybe with their great song named President Gaz?