Monday, February 16, 2009

And what the fuck is this supposed to mean?

via (you guessed it) Big Hollywood

Democrats Have Bigger Teats

by Doug TenNapel

I’ve seen the old man make millions of dollars. He was resourceful, clever, thrifty and had the work ethic of an ant colony. This is the rich old man who passes on his life’s earnings to the next generation. The next generation didn’t learn to work, but lived in the comfort of the old man’s palatial estate. Giving the next generation money doesn’t multiply capital, because if they need it in the first place they don’t know how to make it.

That’s President Obama’s stimulus package and it’s also why the money borrowed from our children might as well have been burned…it’s the same tired spending of the last two years, eight years, thirty years, same-o same-o. (more…)

Okay, Dougey, is the rich old man giving to the next generation or borrowing from it? And if you hate spoiled inheritance brats so much, why do you conservatives oppose the inheritance tax? Big Hollywood is making my head explode every day!


Iatromante said...

That BIG (and slow loading) web-blog site is funny, it can be narrow minded at times surprising, last time I checked I've found an article against war on drugs suggestion legalization of all substances… No joke!

Bollywood is the future

Iatromante said...

^^^^above read -suggesting-