Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christina Visca party at Webster Hall: Why so fucking loud?

I know that I am getting older, but seriously, clubs are getting louder and LOUDER. It is not uncommon now to walk into a nightclub with earplugs and still have to leave because the place is just too fucking loud.

What do we get from all of this volume other than audio fatigue and hearing damage?

For me a good DJ uses volume to balance the energy and size of the crowd with the dimensions of the room. This is not rocket science. Most people going to a club aren't looking for a Motorhead concert. They are looking for good, tight bass, non-harsh mids and treble and an overall good listening experience.

What they get instead is an A320 taking off in their ears.

Christina Visca, Tom Mello and others started their Sunday party this Sunday with what seemed like a great idea: David Morales, Little Louis Vega and Tony Humphries playing only 90s house. The 90s was a golden era for these DJs and house music in general. What could go wrong?

When I walked in the party was great. I'm not sure who was playing, but the system was set at a semi-reasonable volume and people were dancing and singing along to some great old hits like "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow and "Lonely People" and "The French Kiss" by Lil' Louis and the World.

At some point though, the volume more than doubled, the music turned more repetitive/tracky, and I felt like I was trapped in a late 90s Tunnel hell.

Please, everyone, just turn it down!


joe said...

the downstairs at santos' for the paradise garage party was one of the LOUDEST f-ing rooms i've ever been in. and it did not help the dj was playing some k-hole level pots and pans tribal house. turn that shit down!

Nic Fit said...

That downstairs thingy at the Mel Cheren event was the loudest "chill out" room I have ever experienced. Here here.