Monday, February 16, 2009

The real reason I hate Andrew Breitbart's blog

Oh, hai! You probly know me because you've been threatening me for the last few days! Nice to meet you.

Now, I know you are a reasonable person, and I should love you. Let me explain to you why I hate what Andrew Breitbart does (via Big Hollywood):

Part of this is the ultra-PC mentality of Hollywood, which hates all religion but for Islam because so many Muslims share Hollywood’s hatred for America.

What The Fuck? I know that Andrew was a good, decent person at one time, so why do this? Why allow your name to be attached to this kind of nonsense? Andrew, we all used to listen to Prince together. Things were good. You don't have to do this.


Breitbart said...

Change the subject why don't you. Your cyber-bullying campaign against me pre-dated Big Hollywood.

You are an overgrown baby.

And now that you are discovered you change tactics. Prince... I used to be a good a decent guy...

No, you slandered me as a druggie and a bully. And now you only have your long forgotten conscience to remind you that was precisely wrong.

You hate me NOW because you are a leftist and leftist's believe the "ends justify the means."

So you've been trying to do your small part by attacking me whenever my name is brought up using a false narrative using your fake name.

You are the fucking bully, Bryan. Go to hell.

Nic Fit said...
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Nic Fit said...

Let's try this again...I did not say you were a druggie. I said that I recall that you used to hang with a druggie crowd. This is my recollection. I could be wrong. This is why I welcome your comments. The interesting thing is what you didn't dispute in my original post.

As for the bully part, well, that's a subjective assessment. Time will tell, my friend.

Theresa Polito said...

Bryan, what happened to you? I bet you used to be a real nice guy. What a shame you never listened to Mr. Jefferson:

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

Thomas Jefferson

Please go and spread his wonderful quote around to all your angry friends. This country is going down an ugly path and it is a shame, it's really a shame.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, Nic, you should really be manning up on this one. Breitbart is what you said he is -- a bully cult leader. And he brought his goons with him to take it to you... to "take you down." And you try to compromise and soften your position? Don't ruin it for are side and be the pussy he says you are (and believe me, that's what he is saying today). There's no middle ground with these ideologically infected people. Fight them. Fight them on blogs, fight them in the street, fight them in Florida. Above all, don't let them harass you on your own blog then threaten you with hypocritical B.S. legal claims. Breitbart is way out of line here. (Ooooh, I'm going to obsess about this on my vacation and try to convince myself I did the right thing by attacking this guy the way I did!!! Even though I know deep in my convoluted heart I'm wrong.) Don't let some rich kid with a massive, unearned chip on his shoulder and a B.A. from Tulane (if he actually finished) tell you you're out of his league in terms of debate. Get up and fight him. He can't hurt you.

Breitbart said...

I was not a bully. And you know it. You couldn't name a single thing I did at Brentwood to hurt a single person. Nor could you name a person who was a close friend who was a druggie. You don't like my politics, so you used anonymity to do whatever you could to hurt me. It's so beneath the behavior of a rational thinking 40-year old man. And you are deleting certain comments but allowing for this other 'anonymous' goon to attack not just me but my friggin' wife. Have you no shame?

You attack me for months on end. I finally call you out on it when you post at your own blog about it. And somehow you and anonymous are trying to do what Saul Alinsky lefties do: figure out the quickest way to turn things around and make YOU the victim.x

Mark N. said...

I spent a lot of time working with Andrew, back when he was finishing his last few years of high school, and the two of us sat down and talked on many occasions. He was funny, unique, and not even remotely a bully or drug user. Those are the facts.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a beer at my anonymous troll friend's house and he showed me his evil work on this site. It's nice.

As a highschool outcast, I think I speak for all outcasts when I say, that if someone calls a drug addled high school bully a drug addled HSB, the odds that they fulfilled that roll are very high. I do not know Andrew Breitbart and do not read his blog but with no other evidence, I suspect the worst. It is statistically almost inevitable that he is a DAHSB.

Other guy, whose blog this is, you need to grow a pair.

Tech hoard that follows AB's blog. I dare you to find me or my anonymous troll friend. I am a tech guy. I know you can't do it and am not scared.

Have fun in your flame war!

best regards,

Anonymous said...

Have you no decency, Fernando?

Larry Solov said...

Hi Bryan.

Long time.

I remember you well. We had Spanish with Mrs. Radomile (sp?) two years in a row. While we were never close friends, we were friends. I, too, went to support you and your band, Bad Kitchen. I remember going with Bobby Benfield. It may have been the same Anti-Club performance Andrew was referring to. "Bad Kitchen and the Land of the Lost..." Good stuff. One thing I distinctly do remember is that the small crowd was comprised largely of your friends from Brentwood.

I also remember you have a nice sister, isn't her name Angela?

I have another memory of you. You used to interrupt Spanish class and ask Mrs. Radomile, "So, Mrs. Radomile, how's your Mercedes?" And, "So, Mrs. Radomile, did you and Ms. Dunn go shopping for new purses at lunch today?" It would almost make the poor woman cry. It seemed kinda funny at the time, but in retrospect, couldn't it be called "bullying."

Mrs. Radomile was a VERY SWEET MEEK woman, and she was clearly very hurt when you would do this. She obviously did not pay for that Mercedes on a teacher's salary. What was her "crime"? That her former husband bought her a nice car? (I think she was recently or in the process of a divorce.)

Maybe your taunting Mrs. Radomile reflected a developing socio-economic obsession that has obviously shaped your world view and your politics. But that would be guesswork on my part, and guesswork coupled with very little other information about you and the passage of over 20 years, could easily be inaccurate, right?

To my point, in my opinion, I think you have done Andrew and, frankly, yourself, a major disservice. While it is a hallmark of our judicial system that the accused gets to face his or her accuser, you chose, instead, to attack Andrew from a position of anonymity. And, make no mistake, using a legal definition or not, you did slander and misrepresent Andrew. Please do not be naive. When you say Andrew used to hang out with druggies and seemed mean-spirited but "too high" to project it, you are, in no uncertain terms, calling Andrew a druggie.

(For the record, I was and am Andrew's best friend. Andrew and I hung out all the time. I am not saying you were referring to me specifically, but I did not do any drugs in high school. Well, I did drink some wine coolers and beer, which I disclose to avoid another semantic battle about whether or not alcohol is a "drug.")

I find it very telling that after your identity was revealed, you now admit Andrew was a good, decent person when you knew him. (Whereas before you called him a bully).

I will conclude with the following:

1. Politics is politics. Disagree, please. Hate Big Hollywood, if you want. But you made it personal. That is wrong.

2. You have grossly misrepresented Andrew and his past.

For both, I believe, you owe Andrew an unqualified apology.

Regardless, best wishes and be well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for the love of god, will you tell this Larry guy to fuck off with his touchy-feely 90210 memory lane... and tell Andrew that if he has a problem with you, work it out himself and don't bring all his goons with him next time.

And I'm not buying that And never got down with the cannabis at Tulane. "I did have the occasional beer"... What a tool.

Nic Fit said...

Andrew Solov...rings a bell, sort of. Look, I never fucked with Senora Radomile. I liked her. She liked me. You are trying to portray me as some sort of high school class warrior which is absurd. Those don't exist outside of England.

I also sort of love how everyone is slamming me for my "anonymity" while naming me and members of my family.

Look I'm sure you and Andrew are fine people, though woefully misdirected and misinformed.



Nic Fit said...

Oh, and for the record, everyone, the one comment that was deleted in this whole shit storm was my own. I rethought it and rewrote it.

The Dish said...


WTF? I went to high school with both of you. Andrew and I were colleagues, and friendly, but not friends. The only thing Andrew ever talked about in hig-school was David letterman or masturbation (not together - that isn't a gay reference). I never blog, but you me and klee had some good times and you and I were friends. I too, was a Bad kitchen fan. I don't care about the politics, but for the record Andrew was not a druggie, never a bully, and had an irreverant sense of humor. His classmates liked him and his teachers respected him. For the record, perhaps there's a reason more people read than this venomous and largely full of anonymous cowards blog. But Bryan, it is good to see you and all that hair - i know I preferred the herb in college and lost brain cells - maybe you did too and it f'd up your memory.

Nic Fit said...

Wait, sorry, this is so after the fact but you and Andrew "talked about masturbation but not together" or something like that? You L.A. people trip me out.