Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh, and another thing

Okay, I've admitted my blog sucks now...so I'd like to add a non-sequiter:

How annoying is the Jim and Pam storyline on "The Office" right now? I mean it's been annoying for a while, what with their jilted love mumbo jumbo. But on the last episode we had a conflict involving Pam's parents breaking up because Jim told Pam's dad how he has never once questioned how much he wants to spend his life with Pam and that's what love is and blah blah blah. And Pam's dad realized he didn't really have movie/television love and dumped Pam's mom. And Pam was mad at first but then realized that she had movie/television/bad-pop-music love, and kissed Jim with all of the movie/television artifice this actress could muster.

Fourteen year old girls must have loved it. And Facebook probably lit up with "wall" postings. And since we have all collectively decided, as a world, that we are fourteen year old girls on Facebook, we smiled and sent flower and hug applications written by Ukrainian and Vietnamese identity thieves to our "friends".


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