Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good wines for around $5

A big part of my unemployment adventure has revolved around getting drunk cheaply and in style. The economy is so bad the bars are practically giving booze away, and on top of that those of you whole live in downtown Manhattan have two great, cheap wine spots centrally located.

Trader Joe's Wine Shop is my personal favorite. Due to our bizarre repeal-era alcohol laws in New York state, they had to open two stores side by side: one for all of their incredible (and cheap) snacks and grocery staples, and one for their incredibly cheap wine. Don't go for the Charles Shaw (or Two Buck Chuck, as it's known, even though in New York they get $3 for it). It ranges from barely drinkable to sinkable. Go to the back and check out the South American reds and whites. I have found a wide variety of very drinkable to sublime varieties in the $5 - $7 range. Gold Rush is a pretty nice California red blend. The Panilonco Malbec-Merlot is fantastic at $4.99. The Mediterranian Red is a great second bottle at $4.99 as well.

For an entirely different selection, head down to Warehouse Liquors on Broadway and Astor Place. Unlike Trader Joe's they carry a full line of spirits as well at bargain basement prices. When you walk in, there is a bin on the left with reds and whites under $10. They give you pretty lengthy, accurate descriptions and everything I've picked up has generally been good. Check out the Domain Lapeyrouse if they have it. It's a hearty, unfiltered red and a steal at $5.99.

More $5 wine reviews to come...


Theresa Polito said...

Hi Nic Fit,

Someday you might be able to taste a wonderful glass of Ch√Ęteau Margaux, but with your work ethic, I doubt you will ever be able to afford it. So I suggest a nice bottle of 2007 Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian for you.

Theresa (:

Anonymous said...

Nic, I'd listen to what she says. She's 46 and prolly old enough to be your grandmother.

Nic Fit said...

You're right. I do not believe in work or capitalism. I believe that the Big Gov'ment owes me a living. Don't you?