Friday, February 6, 2009

Connolly's: FAIL

Thanks for nothing Connolly's shit Irish pub in Times Square. I hope you pricks go out of business fast. Thanks for treating my band like shit, not paying us and giving me a hard time when I asked about it.

Fuck you you fucking motherfuckers.

UPDATE from the door person:
"Hi Bryan,
good show last night man. I was doing the door and your draw was 27 as I told two of your band members, your female member and I believe the bassist (guy with ponytail). 19 were on the half price list which is why you didn't get paid (see Lee's email). Thanks and definitely book another show with Lee - I think you made a lot of new fans last night."

I'm still a little chapped about the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

'Connolly' - Such a weird foreign name. Famine dodging pikey
Hope the name police aren't reading.

Iatromante said...

Isn't the correct name "Colony" ?

Iatromante said...

What does it mean "your draw"?